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Eht-year-old Justin Lin and his family arrive in Los Angeles from Taiwan.

Democrats Arrested in Major Hollywood Pedophile Ring Bust.

After growing up on a farm, Lin suddenly finds himself in urban Southern California — and a bunch of guys are celebrating in purple jerseys. Star Trek film: After coming to the States, Lin, his brother, and their parents would watch reruns of the orinal show after his dad got home from a 12-hour workday.

Democrats Arrested in Major <strong>Hollywood</strong> Pedophile Ring Bust.

NBA star barred from Hollywood hot spot over hoodie Page Six

A day earlier, the Lakers had won the NBA championship, the first of five titles the Showtime teams led by Magic Johnson would claim in the '80s. At first, Lin was interested mainly in the cool, weird aliens and spaceships.

NBA star barred from <b>Hollywood</b> hot spot over hoodie Page Six
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Later, the series informed his sense of family, exploration, and character — all hallmarks of good storytelling.Kendall Jenner, Lakers Player Jordan Clarkson Are Hooking Up.

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